Four Oh Four hosts some of the best commentary not found anywhere else on the Internet. The authors are a collective of attorneys, programmers, and engineers and many of us are from Atlanta. Our name is a play off of the Atlanta area code 404 and the error code 404 for 'not found'. We love law, tech, politics, and spend as much time as possible experiencing the outdoors.

We hope you'll stick around, read, and enjoy our perspectives.

The image to the left (or above if you're on mobile) is a Channel Islands Fox from Santa Rosa Island off the coast of California. It's a rare, beautiful, and unique creature. There's no metaphor here, it's just something cool we found so we figured we'd share. 

About Brian Lynch

Brian is an attorney in California involved in copyright, trademark, and Internet law. Some of Brian's previous writing is featured in the New York Times and WIRED. Brian started Four Oh Four in 2016 and launched the site in January 2017.  Brian can be reached at